Saturday, August 18, 2007

American death toll in Iraq hits 3,700


Posted: 17-08-2007 , 09:31 GMT

us funeralFour American troops died in Iraq. According to a US military statement on Friday, one of the three deaths was the result of sustained wounds of a US soldier caused by "enemy fires". The soldier died in Baghdad on Thursday.

The two other soldiers died of "non-battle related causes" on Thursday, the cause of which is under investigation.

Meanwhile, American forces clashed with suspected Sunni gunmen holed up in a mosque north of Baghdad and launched an air-to-ground Hellfire missile into the structure. One American soldier was killed in the fighting, the military said Friday.

A police officer and a witness said U.S. troops stationed near the mosque came under fire before sunset prayers and the raid occurred as worshippers left the building after the services. The missile left a hole in the minaret, they said.

Recent losses raise the toll of American soldiers' deaths since the beginning of war to 3,699 with 49 deaths in this month alone, AFP reported.

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