Monday, October 01, 2007

The Road to Pieces In Palestine

Dissident Voice

Failure to understand the driving forces in the Middle East violence will lead to disaster.

Henry Siegman, in an article, titled: “The Great Middle East Peace Process Scam,” (London Review of Books, August 16, 2007), describes how Israel, which has the power to enable the creation of a viable Palestinian state, has consistently prevented its occurrence and used ’stalled’ peace processes to increase its expansion. Add to Siegman’s revelations the not well publicized facts that, since 1948, all Israeli governments have promoted polices of gaining more territory, subduing antagonists and suppressing

Palestinian aspirations. Michael Bar-Zohar, in his biography of Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion (Ben-Gurion: A Biography, Adama Books, 1986), claims that before the start of the 1956 Sinai war, Ben Gurion solicited French and British approval for Israel to incorporate all of the Sinai, the straits of Tiran and Lebanon to the Litani river into little

Israel’s territory. It’s no coincidence that Arab/Israel wars enabled Israel to fulfill all of these objectives. However, earlier United States administrations and later Hezbollah tactics forced the nullification of the conquests. With a policy of expansion, will any Israeli leader want to be perceived by history as interrupting Israel’s self-chosen destiny?

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