Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Financing of Fundamentalism, and the Antichrist

What is religious fundamentalism? Who promotes it? What purpose does it serve? And how to curtail it?

by Rev Richard Skaff

Global Research, December 17, 2007
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A recent report by Jason Leopold a senior editor of truthout, stated that:

'The Defense Department allegedly provided two fundamentalist Christian organizations exclusive access to several military bases around the country. This access became official sanction for these groups to proselytize amid the ranks, despite the fact that such activities were in violation to federal law. In addition, the evangelical Christian groups have posted detailed instruction guides on their web site that advises their members about tactics to use to win over soldiers, or “Pre-Christians,” to evangelical Christianity when visiting military installations around the country.

The report also added that "according to a week-long investigation by the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, a government watchdog organization, the evidence it has uncovered proves the pentagon has been engaged in a pattern of widespread evangelizing in violation of clause 3, article IV of the constitution, which forbids a religion test for any position in the federal government, and the Establishment clause of the First Amendment of the Bill of Right, which says congress shall make no law regarding an establishment of a religion. Furthermore, individuals representing a specific denomination may only offer spiritual guidance to soldiers and are prohibited from using “the machinery of the state” to proselytize or try to convert members of the military." (Leopold, 2007).

Religious fundamentalism is a giant movement that stresses a strict attitude, a literal adherence to a set of basic principles, and a literal interpretation of religious books.

History can be compelling and illuminating if people take the time to learn it. However, knowing history has never deterred man from repeating it.

Brief history:

The Anglo-American intelligence services began the infiltration and the financing of Islamic groups in the 60s and 70s starting with the Moslem brotherhood in Egypt, and ending with many others in which they orchestrated and created.

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