Thursday, February 21, 2008

Israeli report: Settlement activity dramatically rose after Annapolis

Palestinian Information Center

December 20, 2008

GAZA, (PIC)-- The Israeli leftist movement Peace Now reported that the two and a half months since the Annapolis conference had witnessed a big increase in the Zionist settlement activity in occupied eastern Jerusalem compared with the past five years.

Peace Now quoted senior Israeli officials as saying that the IOA would still publish many bids for the construction of thousands of settlement units.

The movement said in its report that since the holding of Annapolis conference last November, the Israeli government had issued many bids for building a number of major settlement projects in eastern Jerusalem including 44 units in Talbiot, 300 units in Har Homa and 50 units in Gilo.

In another context, Dr. Yousef Al-Mansi, the minister of endowments and religious affairs in the caretaker government in Gaza, strongly denounced the PA unconstitutional government in Ramallah for its decision to allow foreigners to purchase Palestinian lands, considering anyone involved in such sale an accomplice in high treason.

Dr. Mansi highlighted that the whole land of Palestine is an Islamic endowment until the day of resurrection and it is not Islamically permissible to sell or relinquish an inch of it.
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