Monday, February 25, 2008

A Poem: Riding Roughshod

Palestine Chronicle, Feb. 20, 2008

Riding Roughshod: How to Choose Your Neighbours

By Ingrid B Mørk – Norway

You steal their land and their water,
Destroy their hopes and their dreams,
You break their bones with bloody great stones,
`Cause nobody heeds their screams.

You can lock them up in your prisons,
With no form for legal appeal,
Freeze them and harm them
Hunger and starve them
`Till despair is all that they feel.

Destroy their homes and their culture,
Every dream, every seed that they sow,
Beat them and bruise them and if you can, use them,
They are DIS-POSE-ABLE don’t you know.

Show no mercy for the sick or the hungry,
The dying, the dead or the lame,
No worries about world opinion,
Since no one gives much of a damn.

They’ve been demonised by world leaders,
The press and the “anti-Islam,”
No worries about retribution,
The “Bushies” will keep us from harm.
They lie for us, they die for us,
They will for us, they kill for us
The US, our giant pet lamb.

Make certain they constantly suffer,
That their days are a living hell,
That they’re battered and torn, wish they’d never been born,
With a neighbour like Israel.

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