Saturday, November 22, 2008

BACK TO BASICS: Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

Dr George Barnsby, Nov 21, 2008

The great divide between those who oppose the war in Iraq and the war criminals who continue to justify the slaughter and mayhem of a war which is illegal, racist and unwinnable continues to grow. Today is the 7th anniversary of the war in Afghanistan but no one would know it from the coverage of the so-called premier press or the news casts of Kirsty Wark and others today. We shall have to wait for tomorrow’s Morning Star to find out what happened, certainly not the Guardian which boasts of being the paper of the year.

John Pilger was a lone voice in 1997 warning that Blair was a
dangerous fraud, a neocon in sheep’s clothing. Blair’s Vichy like
devotion to Washington was well-known. His devotion to Rupert Murdock, who flew him and Cherie around the world first class was known. His devotion to an extreme neoliberal Thatcherite economics was known. As Pilger pointed out the media could hardly plead ignorance.

Then there was the evidence of Media Lens on the reception of Barak Obama. Perhaps Matthew Parris a conservative figure who wrote in The Times. ‘Here we have a handsome, dashing, intelligent man with generous instincts and a silver tongue; but a man with no distinctive plan of government that he has seen fit to share with us; a daring opportunist; somebody who might some day be judged as a Tony Blair with brains. And here we go again hook, line and sinker. Calm down, he’s not president of the world.

NATO has become the main vehicle for the US to pursue its wars and it is responsible for the devastating occupation of Afghanistan where the carnage and destruction are escalating daily. Anti-war and peace movements across Europe have called for mass protests at NATO’s 60th Anniversary conference in Strasbourg . But Sunday 5th April will be the main day of the counter-summit which will be addressed by Noam Chomsky among many others. Stop the War Campaign is supporting the protests and details of transport and other information can be found on its Website at

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