Saturday, November 15, 2008

Curfews and Polls in Indian-controlled Kashmir

Part 41

Kashmir Watch, November 13

By Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal

Since the days of Nehru when Jammu Kashmir was forcefully annexed in 1947 by India, India has continued to militarize JK and hold polls. India has forcefully converted the freedom loving Kashmiris into a category of slaves which a few Kashmiris have accepted but majority of have rejected foreign forces and resented the Indian occupation. Curfews, repressions and genocides have become a standard Indian norm in Kashmir to terrorize innocent Kashmiris.

Kashmiris reject Indian Poll

Equipped with terror forces and supported by a few pro-India leaders in Jammu, a farce poll is being imposed now by occupying India on unwilling Kashmiris in the name of upholding "democratic" traditions when Indian terror forces butcher the innocent Kashmiri Muslims day in and day out. Not only the freedom seeking Kashmiris reject any Indian poll in Kashmir, but several pro-India Kashmiri leaders have developed cold feet at the fast growing resentment of Kashmiris against polls, and Indian occupation.

Indian open policy of containment of Kashmiris seeking sovereignty back from India stems from mischievous Indian assumption that Jammu Kashmir is already a part and parcel of India and many pro-India paid Kashmiris are happy with Indian state terrorism. Once stolen and credited to Indian Union account, the Indian strategists and their media agents argue, Jammu Kashmir is within Indian territories and they would not give “an inch” of occupied Jammu Kashmir to Kashmiris. Of course, one can see through cynicism on the part of Indian strategists in stating absurd things like this. Indian state also presumes that it is its prerogative to kill any Kashmiri Muslim any where in the world, not just in Kashmir. The pro-India elements seeking favors and special privileges and eager to come to "power' with India support, seem to support that argument too.

Kashmir has witnessed the biggest pro-independence and anti-India marches and rallies in August this year and the trend continues till day and likely to continue until the freedom leaders achieve their truly legitimate objective. Obviously, the protests have been met with a tough crackdown by Indian terror security forces. The authorities have clamped down on freedom leaders and arrested most of the top leaders under infamous PSA to prevent them from campaigning against polls and leading pro-freedom and anti-India rallies. Most of top leaders of Coordination Committee, formed by freedom groups to spearhead the agitation, have already been arrested and booked under infamous Public Safety Act.

Pro-India leaders are worried that freedom leaders are going to thwart the Indian polls in JK. They feel their dream is getting disillusioned with a possible cancellation of the polls even criticize the move by the freedom leaders to campaign for the boycott of the polls in strife ridden Jammu Kashmir. Indian terror forces have done sufficient destruction and genocides in Kashmir since 1947. Indian Governor in Jammu Kashmir, a strategist himself, has invoked the “relevant Indian law” to keep freedom fighting Kashmiris curfew bound. This tactics has added more miseries to already hard-hit Kashmiris from every ankle.

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