Monday, October 19, 2009

Barnsby: Arrest Gordon Brown Now

George Barnsby, The Barnsby Blog, No. 948, Oct 16, 2009

A letter in the Morning Star from Roy Ormond of Skipton asks the
questions I have been posing since 2003. He asks: Are there no lawyers on the left, progressives or ones simply believing in the rule of law who could initiate and conduct a case against Blair. Such a step would bring widespread acclaim from an overwhelmingly number of British people and from millions of others internationally. Furthermore it would encourage those democrats in the USA to challenge the actions of George W. Bush, actions which have resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands and misery for many millions. Yes indeed arrest Bush and Blair, but add the name Gordon

More on Gordon Brown:


George Barnsby, Blog No. 945, Oct 14, 2009

The message has gone out. Brown and New Labour has been a Neo-con monster from the beginning and today I have asked Brown to confirm that he signed Edgar Kristol’s, originator of The New American Century, whose wife who was just as bad wrote an admiring preface to her book, thus showing that New Labour began as a lackey of US imperialism and is now dying its inevitable
and horrible death the same way.

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