Thursday, February 11, 2010

Israeli Knesset decides not to return confiscated Arab lands

Palestinian Information Center, Feb 9, 2010

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– The Israeli Knesset (parliament) on Monday endorsed the second and third reading of a draft resolution allowing the return of confiscated lands to their real owners if they weren’t utilized but the new resolution excluded the lands confiscated from Palestinian citizens.

Arab Knesset member Dr. Jamal Zahalka condemned the resolution, asserting that the Israeli MPs exerted tremendous efforts to formulate the resolution with the one and only aim that is to bloc any form of justice in dealing with the confiscated Palestinian lands.

“This is not a law for returning the lands … but rather a law to legitimize usurping the Palestinian lands … what kind of democracy that steals the Arab lands because they are Arab only … what kind of equality before the law you are talking about if your main goal is to bloc the owner of the right from retrieving his legal rights … we don’t need your democracy … we don’t need your equality … we need our land that you usurped from us … take your democracy and give us back our land,” Zahalka said before the Knesset.

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