Friday, February 12, 2010

Jordan cracks down on writers critical of CIA ties

Middle East Online, First Published 2010-02-11

Muwafaq Mahadin: ‘This (relation) is not suitable for a state’

Prominent writer says Jordan became ‘invested in terrorism’ following its relations with CIA.

AMMAN – A prominent writer and a political activist have been charged with insulting the state after criticising Jordan’s cooperation with the United States in the “war against terror”, a judicial official said on Thursday.

Columnist Muwafaq Mahadin, who writes for the independent daily Al-Arab Al-Yawm, and Sufian Tel were detained on Wednesday after a military prosecutor accused them of “carrying out acts that would harm the reputation of the state as well as ties with a foreign country.”

“The two, who have also been charged with insulting the army, face a five-year jail term if convicted. They were remanded for 15 days pending their trial,” the official said.

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