Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Generation without future, a future without generations: the endless suffering of Afghan children

By Gabriele Maranci,, July 19, 2010

“A collateral dammage”

Nine and a half have passed since the US and allies invaded Afghanistan. American and European soldiers (among whom the most affected are the British) sacrificed their lives for political games, international interests and local corruption, as well as strategic failure. While an unstoppable abacus precisely tracks each soldier’s death, little is really known about the civilian fatalities, which suggests a silent confession that, in this war, human blood weighs differently between the civilizer and the (un)civilizable Afghan.The war in Afghanistan started with two main public goals: the most important to the injured and humiliated US was the capture of Enemy Number One: Osama bin-Laden. The second aim was to free women from the barbaric oppression of the Taliban’s ‘Middle Age’ and their burqu. Neither of them have been accomplished. In reality, the mineral rich Afghan soil was most likely the real reason to spill blood. This was set to be an easy war against a third world religious army that turned into a mess, and for those who know history – unsurprisingly so.

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