Monday, August 30, 2010

We condemn the demonisation of the Jews

Desert Peace, August 29, 2010

Both images by Pete Pasho,

Articles have appeared on this site exposing the demonisation of Islam and those behind it. We have always condemned this. At the same time, when we see articles on the Web doing exactly the same thing to Judaism, we feel compelled to condemn these as well.
Case in point are two recent articles posted by one Elias Akleh*, one appears HERE, the other HERE. Both of these were reposted widely on Pro Palestinian and anti zionist sites. Here are two questions that I seek answers to; are these Pro Palestinian viewpoints that will help the Cause? … Or are they anti Semitic viewpoints simply disguised as anti zionism? THERE IS A DIFFERENCE.
My answer to the first question is a resounding NO! …. and YES to the second one.
The second article linked ends with; A blood thirsty genocidal destructive god such as this Judaic god cannot be the real God. He is a pagan god. Indeed he is really Lucifer himself in the soul.
Nowhere in Islamic texts is that view given… it is the personal view of the author.

I am in no way saying that there are not ‘leaders’ of the Jewish religious community that use the Talmud as a means to justify the destruction of the Palestinian people, as well as all those who are not Jewish. I have endlessly posted about those neanderthals and exposed their hatred. But, to make claims such as the above is no different, all it does is incite hatred towards the Jews themselves, most of whom do not follow those ‘leaders’ or believe in the garbage that spouts from their mouths.

It must also be remembered that there are a growing number of Jews getting involved in the Pro Palestinian Movement. Many of them are observant, why are they being demonised as well? Many of them are actively involved in fighting aginst Islamophobia as well. Do they deserve to be demonised?

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