Friday, September 17, 2010

Noam Chomsky: President Obama is involved in war crimes right now

The NS Interview: Noam Chomsky

Alyssa McDonald, New Statesman, 13 September 2010

Do you consider yourself to be primarily a scientist or a political activist?

If the world would go away, I would be happy to keep to the science, which is much more interesting and challenging. But the world has an unfortunate habit of not going away and the problems are quite urgent.

What are your thoughts on President Obama?

He’s involved in war crimes right now. For example, targeted assassinations are war crimes. That’s escalated quite sharply under Obama. If you look at WikiLeaks, there are a lot of examples of attacks on civilians.

What did you think when he was given the Nobel Peace Prize?

Considering the history of the Nobel Peace Prize, it’s not the worst example. It was given to him before he had the time to commit many war crimes.

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