Monday, December 20, 2010

Bolivia recognizes Palestine

World Bulletin, Dec 19, 2010

Bolivia has recognized Palestine as an independent state, following the lead of Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay.

Bolivian President Evo Morales on Friday said his government would send a letter to Mahmud Abbas, president of the Palestinian Authority, recognizing Palestine as “an independent and sovereign state.”

He made the statement during the Mercosur summit.

Speaking at a news conference in Paraguay, Morales said Bolivia would officially notify international institutions of its decision next week.

He said, that genocide was being committed in the region and called on the international community to assume responsibility for preventing it.

With the announcement, Bolivia joined the list of Latin American and South American countries consisting of Cuba, Argentina, Brazil, and Venezuela which have all recognized an independent Palestinian state within its pre-1967 borders.

“Bolivia recognizes Palestine as an independent state along 1967 borders, together with Brazil and Argentina,” President Morales said during the Mercosur summit.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas welcomed the move and thanked the support of Morales. Furthermore, Abbas praised the bilateral relationships.

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