Sunday, October 02, 2011

Britain: Anti-fascists mark Cable Street’s 75th

 Morning Star Online, Sunday 02 October 2011
by John Millington at Cable Street
Over 1,000 anti-fascists took over the streets of east London today sending a defiant message to mark 75 years since the historic victory over the blackshirts at Cable Street.
Veterans and campaigners led a march and rally to the scene of the famous battle, fought by an alliance including the local Jewish community, Communist Party members and London workers against Oswald Mosley’s uniformed thugs.

They said the fight against Mosley’s modern-day equivalents would be equally tough.
Representatives from the local Jewish and Bengali communities were flanked by trade unionists from across the movement.

Cable Street veteran and former Communist councillor Max Levitas emphasised the need for the trade union movement today to fight “modern fascism.”

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