Thursday, November 24, 2011

Israeli Settlers Attack Palestinians with Impunity

By ,, Nov 23, 2011

Israeli authorities do nothing to stop settler attacks.
Palestinians are doubly cursed. Israel’s military attacks them regularly. During the past week alone, Israeli air strikes killed four Gazans, wounding another 14.

Al-Nabi Saleh village residents participating in a peaceful demonstration were assaulted. Two injuries were reported, including a child. Israel’s navy arrested three Palestinian fishermen, confiscating their boats.

Their security forces conducted 91 incursions (13 a day on average) into Palestinian communities, arresting 14 civilians. One injury was reported.

Israeli security forces raided homes of recently released Palestinian prisoners. They were ordered to appear for questioning to harass and perhaps re-incarcerate them.

 In addition, Palestinian property was attacked, bulldozed, otherwise destroyed or damaged.
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