Wednesday, November 23, 2011

‘Tantawi is Mubarak’: Egyptians rally despite ruling military’s vote pledge

Protesters rally in Cairo demanding end to military rule, despite promise by Egypt’s interim leader to transfer power by mid-2012.

Middle East Online, Nov 23, 2011

Egyptian revolution, to be continued…

Thousands of protesters rallied Wednesday in Cairo’s Tahrir Square demanding an end to military rule, despite a promise by Egypt’s interim leader to transfer power to an elected president by mid-2012.

Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi, who served as minister under Hosni Mubarak but took power when the ex-president was ousted in February, pledged in a rare televised address Tuesday to hold a presidential election by the end of June.

He was speaking after deadly protests swept the country, in scenes reminiscent of the popular uprisings that toppled Mubarak.

According to the health ministry, 31 people have been killed since Saturday — 28 of them in Tahrir Square — when the security forces first resorted to tear gas, rubber bullets and birdshot in an bid to scatter protesters.

Demonstrators have responded with stones and petrol bombs.

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