Saturday, January 07, 2012

Obama: Drones and Change

by Sean Fenley, Dissident Voice,  January 5th, 2012

[Obama] didn’t just embrace the Bush policies he kissed them on the lips and ran with them.
— Ret. United States Air Force Colonel, Morris Davis
        The buck stops here!
— Harry S. Truman
The Washington Post looks like it decided to do a bit of actual journalism recently — penning an extensive and informative article on the Obama infatuation with the mass-killing aerial drone. This former constitutional scholar does not seem to feel impeded — by either the Constitution or the Bill of Rights — in his love affair with and, indeed, his use and misuse of this harbinger (and indeed harvester) of death.

Obama is at present, in fact, leading the way in the history of United States presidents in his extensive reliance on the secret killing of individuals ostensibly in the interest of securing national security goals. Attorney Morris Davis, former chief prosecutor of the military commissions at Guantanamo, has raised serious doubts about the entire nature of the multi-fold and various drone assassination program.

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