Saturday, September 08, 2012

Kashmir: The Legacy of Sheikh Abdullah, the Lion of Kashmir

The lion sleeps tonight

By Sameer Bhat, Kashmir Currents, September 8, 2012

No other topic bisects Kashmiris right down the middle as much as the legacy of one man — six foot and four inches tall. Commonly referred to as the ‘Lion of Kashmir’ by most National Conference wallas, Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah is considered something of a male Lady Macbeth by countless others. A complex character, he attempted to climb Mt Greatness (and did reach quite high) but sadly stumbled somewhere along the trek to the summit. While lions are not known to live for more than a decade in the wild, Sher-i-Kashmir survived several jungles and jails. His cubs continue to live in a nice little den under the foothills of Zabarwan to this day. No, they didn’t become lions.

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