Saturday, April 20, 2013

U.S. secret: CIA collaborated with Pakistan spy agency in drone war

By Jonathan S. Landay | McClatchy Newspapers, April 9, 2013 

Pakistan Drone protest cropped
People shout slogans during a protest rally against U.S. drone strikes in central Pakistan’s Multan on January 8, 2013. At least eight people were killed and four others injured in two separate U.S. drone strikes. | Xinhua/MCT

Even as its civilian leaders publicly decried U.S. drone attacks as breaches of sovereignty and international law, Pakistan’s premier intelligence agency secretly worked for years with the CIA on strikes that killed Pakistani insurgent leaders and scores of suspected lower-level fighters, according to classified U.S. intelligence reports.

Dozens of civilians also reportedly died in the strikes in the semi-autonomous tribal region of Pakistan bordering Afghanistan that is a stronghold of al Qaida, Afghan militants, other foreign jihadists and a tangle of violent Pakistani Islamist groups.

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