Thursday, July 03, 2014

Jeremy Corbyn: Who mourns for the Palestinians?

Morning Star, July  3, 2014

A one-sided response to the killings of three Israeli settlers ignores the Palestinians’ ongoing oppression, says JEREMY CORBYN MP

NOTHING can justify these abductions and murders, which we again condemn. Those responsible must be brought to justice … but justice will not be served by Israel seeking revenge by imposing collective punishment, or committing other violations of Palestinians’ rights.”

Thus said Philip Luther of Amnesty International in response to the murder of three Israeli settlers in Palestine. However, retribution is very much the order of the day, as has been widely reported around the world.

Palestinian residents in Shuafat, an Arab suburb of Jerusalem, told Reuters they had seen a teenager forced into a vehicle outside a supermarket on Tuesday night. They identified him as 16-year-old Mohammed Abu Khudir.

A few hours later his body, partly burned and bearing marks of violence was found abandoned on the outskirts of the city. In response to this, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on all sides not to take the law into their own hands.

A strange choice of words as TV screens all around the globe showed the bombing and burning of Gaza in Israeli air strikes supposedly targeting Hamas positions, despite having no evidence that Hamas had been involved in the abduction of the teenagers.

Netanyahu calls for respect for the rule of law while his government indulges in collective punishment and has been condemned as such in respect of the Geneva Conventions for past incursions and bombings in Gaza.

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