Monday, July 16, 2018

My reply to an anti-Muslim Hindutva extremist in India

Nasir Khan, July 17, 2018

Hello Ruby Kaushal! Merely out of curiosity, I looked at your Profile and some comments you had made. Most of what you write is in Hindi, but a few small posts and comments are in English. You were exactly as I thought after reading your comment here on this link: A Hindutva extremist who tells Indian Muslims if there is anything they do not like then they should leave India and go to Pakistan! 

In fact, it is a popular solution which many anti-Muslim Hindus and their militant Hindutva organization freely offer to over 200 million Indian Muslims!

For instance, in your 9 July post while writing about Muslims, you say, “If u want religious supremacy just leave this place and move to your communal comfort.” By ‘this place’ you had meant India and by ‘your communal comfort’ you meant Pakistan! 

Unfortunately, your views as a Hindutva activist are meant to spread hatred and disinformation. You wouldn’t like others to expose the role and activities of the Hindutva either! Just look at what you post in your comments! No doubt, other Hindutva right wingers will support you for what you stand for. No surprise there!

To tell the facts about the activates and political crimes of the Hindutva are 'prejudiced views' in your words. So, no one should say anything about the Hindutva forces. If anyone in the world wants to know the truth about them, they should turn to the Hindutva for information! 

The Hindutva extremists and hatemongers against India’s religious and marginalized ethnic minorities do not like anyone, like me, to tell the facts about them. That is not difficult to understand why they do so.

But I will continue to expose these extremist right-wing forces and people. They are a danger to India’s multi-religious and multi-cultural State, its secular democracy and its democratic institutions.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

The dominant anti-Muslim hatred in Indian Hindus

-- Nasir Khan, July 11, 2018

It is not the religion, Islam, but the follower of that religion, Muslims, who are the victims of social, political and economic discrimination by most Hindus, including even those who are not members of militant right-wing Hindutva parties and organizations. There is so much overt and covert anti-Muslim hatred and enmity towards the Indian Muslims that things look quite abysmal and bleak for these marginalized people now and in the future.

However, a tiny minority of progressive and tolerant Hindus is active to combat such communal forces, but they are in the minority and are struggling against the prevailing trend where the right-wing extremist forces have the upper hand.

Monday, July 02, 2018

In memory of Stephen Hawking (1942- 2018)

-- Nasir Khan, July 2, 2018

A fine sculpture of Stephen William Hawking, who was a great theoretical physicist, cosmologist and writer whose contributions to the scientific explanations about the origin of the universe make him one of the greatest scientific minds in modern history. 

Despite his debilitating disease and his physical problems, he continued his research work and actively took part in many scientific congresses and important seminars worldwide to present his views. His endurance and struggle to overcome his physical disabilities is also a remarkable trait of this great human being.

Thank you Stephen Hawking for all what you did as a scientist and also laid to rest some some mythological accounts of the origin of the universe! 

Our memory for what you did and under which difficult conditions as a human being will continue to inspire thoughtful and inquisitive minds now and in the future!
Pervaiz Malik Stephen Hawking
A Sculpture

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Science and Scientific Thinking in Human History

-- Nasir Khan

“Science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge.”

― Carl Sagan (1934 - 1996)

When did the 'science' start in human history? And when did the 'scientific thinking' start? These seemingly simple questions can only be answered by a historian of science who has acquaintance with historical data relating to the issues. In other words, to find an answer we need the expertise of specialists.

However, we should keep in mind that science is not any static body of knowledge but rather an active process through the ages. Man's use of his near environment and his attempts to understand the phenomenon around him goes back to the times when he started to use his hands and much later in the history of his social evolution he started to use stones and flint, for instance, to hunt and skin off the animals for food and clothing. That is the time when man started to affect his near environment intentionally that was primarily to meet his practical needs for his survival. These can be called man's first steps towards 'science' in a general sense.

But the question of scientific thinking has a dialectical relationship with man's relationship with nature as he started to form some ideas about how things work. These were his early steps towards understanding how things worked. That process has gone on in history for long.

What we associate with scientific thinking' in contrast to idealistic, speculative and mythical thing (eventually becoming religious thinking) belongs to the period after the Renaissance period. But to a historian of ideas and science any such periodization is only for our convenience, not for its historical accuracy.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Jeremy Corbyn visits the Palestinian refugee camp in Jordan

 Nasir Khan, June 23, 2018

 Mr Jeremy Corbyn! Like many other anti-Zionist and anti-Fascist people, I am deeply elated that you visited the Palestinian refugee camp in Jordan. 

All right-wing parties and reactionary forces are allied with Israel, and very few leaders of the political parties in Europe dare to speak for or side with the victims of Israel. But in this struggle, you have spoken and stood with them, even though the Zionists have done everything to malign you. But their false charges and obnoxious lies have failed to deter you from your principled stand for a people under the occupation of a brutal colonial power. 

The Zionist leaders of Israel may even use their alliance with the King of Jordan to attack you if they choose to do so, or give a signal to the Israeli lobby in Britain to spread their misleading propaganda to discredit you. I am sure you know how Zionists operate in most countries of Europe, in the United States and Canada.
 Jeremy Corbyn wrote on June 23, 2018

Today in Jordan, I visited one of the largest Palestinian refugee camps.
I talked to children and heard what they want to do with their education and with their lives.
The United Nations body that supports Palestinian refugees, UNWRA, is in the most serious financial crisis in its history after President Donald Trump’s decision to withhold millions of dollars of funding this year.
It is shameful that the UK Government has not already stepped up and pledged more funding to UNWRA.
Instead of reducing funds to life-saving refugee agencies, the UK must increase its funding, as the Labour Party pledges to do.

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Thursday, June 21, 2018

The Natural Beauty of Pakistan

-- Nasir Khan, June 21, 2018

The following comment is my reply to a pleasant view of the beauty of Pakistan by Mr. Hans-Petter Bekeng, a Norwegian, who may have got such information by reading or hearing others speak about it:

Hans-Petter Bekeng, thank you for your pleasant comment! My post was about some other matter, as you have rightly said so. But what you say how the ordinary people of India and Pakistan hate each other's countries and people is largely correct. I cannot go into any details here, but it will suffice to say that it has more to do with the political background when India was divided into two states in 1947 by the British rulers. That was their parting 'gift' to the people of the two countries when they ended their colonial rule over the Indian subcontinent! Since then, India and Pakistan have been each other's sworn enemies.

But the people from these two countries who live in European countries or in other parts of the world have also developed a lot more accommodating attitudes towards each other. That can also be seen in Norway. Indians and Pakistanis easily mingle with each other in Norway.

Now I will say a few words about the natural beauty of Pakistan: Pakistan is a large country. For example, while its southern parts in the summer may have temperatures well over over 45 Celsius, it may be snowing at that time in some high mountains of northern Pakistan!

Some of the most beautiful places you can imagine in the world are also found in northern areas of Pakistan and Pakistani-part of Kashmir, commonly called Azad Kashmir. By the way, the second highest and one of the most dangerous mountain in the world for the professional mountaineers to climb is K-2, and it is situated in the northern areas of Pakistan.

Chitral, Pakistan

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