Thursday, August 02, 2007

Palestinians allowed no peace even in their graves

Israeli soldiers destroy, desecrate Palestinian graves

Khalid Amayreh


Hebron, August 1, 2007

Israel occupation soldiers have vandalized and desecrated Palestinian graves near the southern West Bank town of Hebron, locals and human rights activists said.

According to relatives, hundreds of soldiers and as many as 20 military vehicles stormed the small village of "Marah al- Baqqar" on Tuesday, 31 August, terrorizing locals and vandalizing property.

The forces reportedly stormed the village shortly after midnight Monday amid intensive shooting. The village was placed under military curfew, locals said.

At one point, a military bulldozer destroyed two graves, exposing the remains of the dead.

"I don’t know if Hitler did this to the Jews, but look how they are treating us. This is the same people who make a big outcry whenever someone touches a Jewish grave in Europe ," said Aziz Amer.

Taleb Hasan Amr, an 80 -year-old, whose son’s and mother’s graves were desecrated said he never saw such a brutal ugliness in his life.

"I lived under many states, but never saw some thing like this. Imagine, they are after the dead. Where is the conscience of the world? These people are worse than the Nazis."

Amr, whose son was imprisoned by Israel and eventually died of torture at the hands of Israeli interrogators fifteen years ago, said Israel gives no weight and has no concern for non-Jews whether dead or living.

"Imagine how they would react if something like this happened to Jewish graves in Warsaw or Leon."

It is not clear why the Israeli army desecrated the graves at the small hamlet. An Israeli army spokesperson refused to answer questions in this regard, saying "I can’t comment on military operations by the Israeli Defense Forces."

A high-ranking Palestinian Islamic Wakf official described the desecration as "an evil act reflecting the brutal ugliness of the Zionist mentality."

"I am 100% sure that the Israeli army wouldn’t do this if the graves were of Jews, not non-Jews. Maybe Jews should reflect why they are hated so much around the world. Maybe they should understand that respect is a two-way street, maybe they should realize that the actions and behaviors of Jews cause anti-Semitism," said Sheikh Taysir Tamimi, the PA supreme judge.

The Israeli occupation army has been carrying out daily raids against Palestinian population centers all over the West Bank during which young people are arrested, locals terrorized, humiliated and beaten and private and public property is vandalized.

Israel is holding as many as 11,000 Palestinian activists in squalid conditions in several detention camps.

The largest and most notorious detention camp is known as Ketziot in the heart of the Negev desert.

Many of the prisoners are held without charge or trial, and used as hostages to blackmail the Palestinian Authority and Hamas into giving political concessions to Israel .

Hundreds of Sudanese refugees from the troubled region of Darfur are also languishing in the Ketziot jail, next to the Palestinians.

However, the Sudanese prisoners are separated from the Palestinians and are not allowed to intermix or speak with them.

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