Friday, October 12, 2007

Christopher Columbus, Crawl Back in Your Hole!

Dissident Voice, October 10, 2007
Christopher Columbus, crawl back in your hole!
Take you Nina, Pinta and Santa Magreedier.
We know what you did in Hispaniola!
We watched silver helmets glint in the sun.
We saw you claim our island for Spain!
Look what you’ve done!
How many millions of lives lost,

How many holocasusts
Would burn up the centuries
So you could fill your coffers with gold?

Christopher Columbus—take George Bush with you!
Take them all—Lincoln and Washington
And Jefferson, too.
None of them gave a damn about us.
They said we were savages,
They killed us for sport.
Ever read about Lincoln and the Black Hawk War?
If Lincoln wanted to “free the slaves,”
How come he didn’t give a damn
About their red brothers?
Jefferson pimped for “democracy”
But signed the Removal Act to defraud the Cherokees.
And Washington—“Father” of his country?
Please! You’re killing me! Don’t make me laugh!

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