Wednesday, October 10, 2007

American Model of Democracy Is Not The End of History

Oped news, October 9, 2007

By Hamad Alomar

Democracy without wisdom and justice is chaos. Democracy is the rule of law and equal opportunity for every one. US democracy is not the ultimate one. It is quite the opposite to what Francis Fukuyama thinks. With the faults, deadlocks and misgivings of American democracy as it unfolds, the history has just begun. Money and the Media play a major role in American democracy .

He who has the money and controls the media can influence the course of the political scene. The number one enemy for democracy is greed. The second one is ignorance. The third is intolerance. We should not be lead by the success of American democracy or discouraged by Iraq failures when we try to evaluate democracy. American democracy has succeeded because of four factors which are not available to any other country in the world. Hence it is a mistake to expect others to follow the American model.

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