Saturday, October 27, 2007

Peace Conference: New Case for War

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Brian said...

Nasr, as of yet, you have offered no solution of how to deal with or stop a nuclear equipped, leading world-wide state sponsor of terrorism, Iran. The world is awaiting your great solution. What is it? You know they would blow up Oslo just as easily as they would destroy Jerusalem or Tel Aviv. You seem to be a person of considerable intellect and good-will tendencies, why not use them to argue against the evils of radical Islam?? the real culprit of warfare in the world today.

Dr Nasir Khan said...
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Dr Nasir Khan said...

Brian, I think before I offer my solution to the things you suggest, I will say one thing to you: Try to get the basic facts about your opinions right that underlie your presuppositions and assumptions before you arrive at any reasonable conclusion. If you do that, that will also help you to see things and face the concrete facts in understanding the world situation. For instance, you call Iran a 'nuclear-equipped' country. Where did you get this information from? Perhaps you had mixed countries and things. Did you have in mind USA? Or any other nuclear country in the Middle East that is armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons??

One more point: I do not speak for or support any religious fanatic group or ideology, whether it be radical Islam, Christian Fundamentalism (USA is full of its followers), political Zionism, Christian Zionism or 'born-again' Christians' neo-Fascism.

Since you seem to be much influenced by anti-Islamic movements and ideas, you may find useful a scholarly book The Islamic Threat, Myth or Reality? By John S. Esposito, Professor of Religion and International Affairs, Georgetown University.

If you are an inquisitive person, you will be able to find some way to come out of your fixed and fanatic ideas. It will be for your own good. But you will have to work hard for that otherwise, as I see it, you have no chance. No doubt, the choice is yours.