Friday, October 05, 2007

Thousands visit scene of Che's death 40 years ago

The Independent, October 5, 2007

By Jules Stevens in Ville Grande

Tens of thousands of disciples of the revolutionary leader Che Guevara made the pilgrimage to Ville Grande in the Bolivian jungle yesterday – the spot where he was executed exactly 40 years ago. And in a sign of the political sympathies of the hordes of students, tourists and revolutionaries setting up camp for the five-day World Che Festival, hundreds of multi-coloured chequered flags, the banner of the Campesinos – the oppressed indigenous people of the Andes – were being hoisted into the air.

Daniela Torrico, organiser of the Che festival, said: "He is like a saint to us because he fought for the Campesino people and he died for his ideals."

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