Friday, October 12, 2007

Treachery for treatment

Al-Ahram Weekly Online, 11-17 October, 2007

Saleh Al-Naami reports from Gaza on how Israeli security conditions the health of sick Palestinians on their becoming informants

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Israeli soldies coming back from a patrol at northern Gaza. They were passing besides barrier of blocks built by Israel to separate Gaza

His calm demeanour belies the personal tragedy he is living. Journalist Bassam Al-Wahidi, 30, is on the verge of giving in to perpetual darkness. This will happen if he doesn't have an operation to reposition his retina, an operation that he was supposed to have had last month in a Palestinian hospital in Jerusalem. Although Al-Wahidi, a news presenter on the Voice of the Workers radio station in Gaza, had completed all the necessary administrative procedures required of him to travel to Jerusalem, officers in the Israeli domestic intelligence agency, Shin Bet, at the Erez Crossing on the northern border between the Gaza Strip and Israel, won't allow him to cross until he agrees to become an Israeli agent and provide information on the activities, leaders and members of Palestinian resistance movements active in Gaza.

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