Monday, November 26, 2007

Richardson: Iraq war not worth one more life


By AARON W. JACO • Record-Herald Staff Writer • November 25, 2007

Indianola, Ia — The United States’ accomplishments in Iraq are not significant enough to merit the loss of another human life, Democratic presidential candidate Bill Richardson told a crowd of about 100 people here Sunday.

“This war is not worth one human life, an American human life, the thousands of Iraqis,” Richardson said. “It should not be about body counts. It should be about, 'Is political progress being made?’ No.”

The comment sparked the loudest applause of Richardson’s hour-long talk, which also hit a high note when Richardson said Congress has been wimpy when it comes to finding withdrawal solutions.

“I wanted (Congress) to end this war,” Richardson said. “I wanted them to find ways we can get America to retreat.”

Richardson, the governor of New Mexico, called for the withdrawal of all American troops — including residual peacekeeping forces — from Iraq within one year.

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