Thursday, February 14, 2008

'Foolish' reprint of Prophet cartoons

From February 14, 2008

COPENHAGEN Muslim groups in Denmark yesterday criticised the “foolish” republication of a controversial cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad after the arrests of three people for allegedly plotting to kill the artist.

Although 15 Danish newspapers carried the drawing of the prophet wearing a bomb instead of a turban, Muslims vowed to do nothing to inflame tensions in the Islamic world. The cartoon, by Kurt Westergaard, was one of 12 published in 2005 that provoked rioting and protests which left about 50 dead.

Mostafa Chendid, an imam at the Islamic Faith Community, which organised a delegation to the Middle East to complain about the cartoons in 2005, said: “This is very foolish and does not help building the bridges we need. [But] it is the same picture, so it is just a republication of what was published before.”

One of those arrested, a Danish citizen of Moroccan origin, was understood to have been released pending further investigations.

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