Monday, April 14, 2008

US lawmaker: Recession result of war

Press TV, Sat, 12 Apr 2008 22:16:45
Representative John Yarmuth

Democratic Congressman, John Yarmuth has linked the costly occupation of Iraq with growing economic troubles in the United States.

The growing cost to the United States of fighting the war in Iraq "is not only linked to our economic skid, but is a leading cause of it," Rep. John Yarmuth of Kentucky said in the Democrats' weekly radio address.

"General Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker failed to offer a plan to change direction in Iraq and redeploy our troops," Yarmuth said. "Instead, they offered more of the same, with U.S. troops and taxpayers paying the price."

He slammed the Bush Administration for spending "more than half-a-trillion dollars" in support of the war effort, while that money could be spent on pressing needs in this country.

This is while US president George W. Bush has denied that there's any link between the faltering US economy and $12 billion a month being spent on the ongoing occupation in Iraq.

“I think actually the spending in the war might help with jobs…because we're buying equipment, and people are working. I think this economy is down because we built too many houses and the economy's adjusting,” he said in the NBC's Today Show on Feb 18th.

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