Monday, August 10, 2009

Barnsby to Prime Minister Gordon Brown

Dear Gordon Brown

The fact that you are on vacation and delegated control of Great Britain to whichever fellow Torturer or Nuclear Maniac Harriett Harman, Lord Mandelson or Allan Johnson shows your complete inability to comprehend the gravity of the present world situation. You should immediately recall Parliament, although that is probably beyond your provenance now – the Speaker of the House of Commons should call Parliament and you would be at once deprived of your liberty unless you immediately renounce the wars you are waging.

An equally important effect of such a renunciation would be that vast sums now spent on war would be available for peaceful purposes and the present Economic Crisis would disappear and we could all sleep safely in our beds at night.

Unless you do this you will be arraigned before the same court that tried the Nazis in 1945 and charged with Crimes against Humanity.


August 8, 2009


The Barnsby Blog, August 9, 2009


As the folly and wickedness of the wars being waged by Obama and
supported by Brown is recognized anti-war feeling sweeps across the world. On Wednesday the largest EU countries Germany and France united against the war in Iraq. Thirty two US Mayors of the Institute for Policy Studies are mobilising to prevent a war against Iran. And the British Army General in Afghanistan, Sir David Richards says that British involvement in Afghanistan could take 80 years and this echoes the opposition of his predecessor Sir Richard Dan who also opposed the war in Afghanistan. Only madmen can continue to support this slaughter and the Torture and Nuclear madness that is involved.

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