Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Rocket attack destroys 20 NATO tankers at Chaman border

The News International, Aug 30, 2009

CHAMAN: A number of Nato oil tankers were destroyed in a rocket attack near Custom House and FC Office at Pak-Afghan Border near Chaman.

According to Geo News, supplies including 1500 oil tankers which were to be transported for Nato forces came under a rocket attack near Chaman border, triggering a blaze. Twenty oil tankers were completely destroyed in the attack.

The reason for presence of such a large quantity of the equipment and vehicles at Chaman border was suspension of Pak-Afghan traffic a day earlier.

A large number of locals gathered at the site of the incident after seeing the tankers on fire.

A Geo News correspondent said a bomb was also found near the oil tankers this morning, which was defused later.

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