Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Zionized Egyptian Mubarak’s Dictatorial Regime

Written by Elias Akleh, MWC News, Tuesday, 16 February 2010

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In politics one’s brother could easily and quickly turn into enemy while yesterday’s enemy could, as easily and as quickly, turn into a beloved brother. Case in point is the case of Gaza Palestinians. They used to be the brothers of previous Egyptian ruling regimes, and the Egyptian frontal defense line against its enemy; Israel. But now, Palestinians have been made, by the present Mubarak’s Egyptian regime, an enemy, while Israel, who was Egypt’s (and all Arab’s) enemy had been turned, by this same Egyptian regime, into a beloved brother.

After the savage Israeli occupation of western half of Palestine and severing the Gaza Strip off its Palestine mother land in 1948 Egypt sponsored the Gaza Strip and its Palestinian residents and refugees and treated them as its own equal citizens. In 1967 Israel expanded its occupation to cover all of Palestine including Gaza Strip, Egyptian Sinai Peninsula, and reached Suez Canal.

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