Monday, March 15, 2010

Noam Chomsky: Iran pursuing nuclear weapons out of fear

Scholar assails U.S. for hypocritical application of Non-Proliferation Treaty

By Matthew W. Hutchins, Harvard Law Record, March 11, 2010

chomsky Haris Sair

Noam Chomsky speaks in Harvard’s Memorial Church

Even the most radical conservative can agree with Noam Chomsky on at least one thing. “No one in their right mind wants Iran to develop nuclear weapons.” But to Chomsky, nonproliferation requires reciprocal action, rather than international condemnation. Chomsky’s reputation as a prolific author of books on subjects including linguistics, philosophy, cognitive science, political science, and media might lead one to believe that his views stem from esoteric theoretical arguments, but Chomsky takes a pragmatic view of international relations. His conclusion is that Iran is developing nuclear weapons out of a rational fear for its national safety because of the systematically threatening posture of the United States and Israel.

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