Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Kashmir on a knife edge once again after security forces kill three youths

By Andrew Buncombe in Delhi, The Independent/UK, June 22, 2010

Indian police chase protesters in Srinagar on Sunday;

Indian police chase protesters in Srinagar on Sunday

Kashmir is boiling again. The killing of three young men by security forces in the past ten days has ratcheted up tension and sent hundreds of demonstrators into the streets.

The Indian authorities have responded by deploying thousands of police and paramilitary forces.

Yesterday, the city of Srinagar, capital of the Kashmir valley, was brought to a standstill as separatists called yet another strike to protest against the killing of the young Muslim men. Police have imposed a strict curfew in an effort to halt the demonstrations that have reverberated around the city. The most recent protests date from June 11 when a 17-year-old student was killed by police as they fired at demonstrators during a routine protest in the city.

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