Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Fraudulent Egyptian Election

By Stephen Zunes, FPIF,  December 7, 2010

Hosni Mubarak
The November 28 Egyptian parliamentary elections were a farce.  The vast majority of Egyptians boycotted the charade. But even those who did try to vote witnessed massive ballot-stuffing, vote-buying, intimidation, multiple voting in pro-government precincts, interminable delays in pro-opposition precincts, and mass arrests of opposition supporters.

When the Mubarak regime forbade any international monitors to watch the polls, opposition parties and civil society activists organized a large network of poll watchers in order to catch anticipated government efforts at rigging the election.  They had fielded thousands of monitors for the last parliamentary elections as well for as recent municipal elections, documenting massive fraud.  However, the government banned even Egyptians from monitoring this most recent election, thereby allowing officials to engage in widespread ballot-stuffing and other irregularities.

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