Friday, December 17, 2010

Pakistani Ambassador Haqqani ‘unknowingly’ hosted neocon fundraiser

by Ali Gharib, Inter Press Service News

WASHINGTON, Dec 15, 2010 (IPS) – Amid putting on a two-and-a-half day conference focused on escalating measures against Iran, a neoconservative think-tank held a fundraiser at the residence of Pakistan’s ambassador to the U.S., according to an IPS investigation.
The embassy said the think tank, the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD), failed to notify the Pakistani embassy that the dinner at the home of Ambassador Husain Haqqani was a fundraiser, or that it was connected to the conference about “Countering the Iranian Threat”.

[Pakistan’s Ambassador to the US Husain Haqqani.]
Pakistan’s Ambassador to the US Husain Haqqani.
The embassy was unaware even that the conference was occurring, let alone that it featured FDD scholars and fellows who advocate for “ratcheting up” sanctions and pressure, U.S. support for regime change, and even Israeli or U.S. military strikes against Pakistan’s ally Iran.

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