Thursday, February 10, 2011

India: Modi vs the Constitution

Day of Reckoning for the Republic

By Badri Raina, ZNet, Feb 9, 2011
To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.


The Special Investigation Team  entrusted by the Supreme Court of India to enquire into the culpabilities (including those of the Home Minister of Gujarat at the time of the carnage of February, 2002, namely one Narendra Modi) with respect especially to the gruesome killings at the Gulbarg Society where a Congress Member of Parliament, Ehsan Jaffri, was also hacked to smithereens alongwith the rest  has now submitted its report to the honourable Court.

Within days, the redoubtable Tehelka magazine found access to the 600 page document, consistent with the  era of leaks. Contrary to the propaganda machine of the proto-fascist Sangh Parivar which had been busy spreading the unfounded lie that Modi had been given a “clean chit,” the findings scooped by Tehelka must seem all too damning to any objective and conscientious citizen of the Republic.  Caveat: assuming that the magazine has given us the authentic text of the SIT report, something we have no reason to doubt.
Hereunder a quick wrap in direct quote  from the Report as published by Tehelka:
–“inspite of the fact that ghastly and violent attacks had taken place on Muslims at Gulbarg Society and elsewhere, the reaction of the government was not the type that would have been expected by anyone.  The Chief Minister had tried to water down the seriousness of the situation at Gulbarg Society, Naroda Patiya. . .by saying that every action has an equal and opposite reaction” (p,69);

–that Modi’s statement “accusing some elements in Godhra {where a coach of the Sabarmati Express train bringing back Hindutva volunteers from Ayodhya had gone up in flames, leading to the deaths of some 59 people; the Justice Bannerjee Committee deputed  by the then Railway minister to enquire into the burning had concluded that there was no way that the coach could have been set on fire from the outside, and that most likely a spark from a stove or a cigarette butt within the compartment had reached the cushions, leading to the smouldering before the fire spread} . . .as possessing a criminal tendency was sweeping and offensive, coming as it did from a Chief Minister, that too at a critical time when Hindu-Muslim tempers were running high” (p.13);

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