Friday, February 11, 2011

Tyrant Mubarak moves from one palace to another

by Nasir Khan, Feb 11, 2011
The stepping down of Mubarak is important for a number of reasons. The people have dared to challenge the tyrant and they have forced him out of his presidential palace in Cairo. We have heard that he has moved to private residence in Sharm el-Sheikh – another palace! So he has moved from one palace to another palace!! There was not much of a change as far as his luxurious life-style is concerned.

His accumulated wealth by his predatory plunder of Egypt is said to be from 40 to 70 billion dollars! This criminal tyrant should not be allowed by the Egyptian masses to get away with the plunder or his crimes. All his bank accounts should be declared the property of the Egyptian state. His palaces? How and by what methods he acquired a palace in Sharm el-Sheikh? That palace also belongs to the people of Egypt. The place of this criminal is not a palace, but a solitary prison cell as many victims of of his oppressive regime had experienced. This shameless dog is a disgrace to the fair name of Egypt.

Even though this tyrant leaves the political scene, his system is still intact and it will remain so in the foreseeable future. He made his chief torturer Omar Suleiman his vice president in the last two weeks. And now this criminal thug is acting as a new power-broker in Egypt! He should also be tried for his crimes against the Egyptian people.

The whole regime should be held accountable and its top brass put on trial in peoples' court, which we hope the Egyptian masses will set up soon. All the 'property' of Mubarak and his accomplices should be confiscated and the criminals punished according to the rules of criminal law.

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