Sunday, March 06, 2011

The Cost of US Terrorism in Afghanistan: Incalculable

by Kathy Kelly,, March 4, 2011
Recent polls suggest that while a majority of U.S. people disapprove of the war in Afghanistan, many on grounds of its horrible economic cost, only 3% took the war into account when voting in the 2010 midterm elections.  The issue of the economy weighed heavily on voters, but the war and its cost, though clear to them and clearly related to the economy in their thinking, was a far less pressing concern.

U.S. people, if they do read or hear of it, may be shocked at the apparent unconcern of the crews of two U.S. helicopter gunships, which attacked and killed nine children on a mountainside in Afghanistan’s Kumar province, shooting them “one after another” this past Tuesday March 1st.  (“The helicopters hovered over us, scanned us and we saw a green flash from the helicopters. Then they flew back high up, and in a second round they hovered over us and started shooting.” (NYT 3/2/11)).

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RealityZone said...

One more barbaric act brought upon the Afghan people.
O says that the CIA spy in Pakistan should have immunity for his crimes.
Yet O allows these crimes to also continue.

Karzai says the apology is not enough.
I say that Karazi is not doing enough to stop this carnage.
Karzai rhetoric is as meaning less as the generals who give the orders.