Friday, May 13, 2011

Bahraini State Terror Continues

Stephen Lendman, MWC News, May 13, 2011

Bahraini and Saudi security forces continue daily terror in Bahrain, human rights groups condemning the violence, including Amnesty International (AI), providing regular updates.
On May 11, AI reported more than 47 health professionals, including doctors and nurses, have been arrested, charged and may face trial before a military court for doing their job. All are Shias in a Sunni-run state.

Entirely bogus charges against them include:
  • refusing to help people in need;
  • embezzling public funds;
  • assaults causing deaths;
  • unauthorized possession of weapons and ammunition;
  • refusing to perform duties;
  • putting people’s lives and health at risk;
  • illegal detention;
  • abusing authority;
  • attempting to forcefully occupy buildings;
  • incitement to forcibly overthrow the Khalifa monarchy;
  • incitement of regime hatred;
  • incitement of the hatred of a segment of society;
  • disseminating false news and malicious rumors, harming the public interest; and
  • participating in unauthorized rallies and meetings.
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