Thursday, May 05, 2011

PAKISTAN: Child slavery — 20,000 children with small heads are run by the shrines for beggary

by Malik Ayub Sumbal

No one knows about the reality and sad saga of these greenish veiled and shaved head individuals carried by their masters with a chain about their necks to get the sympathies of the masses for the sake of begging.

The worst form of slavery in the name of religious tradition has become a common practice in Pakistan as no law and authority is ready to save these enforced mentally retarded slaves from their cruel masters and the beggar’s mafia.

In Pakistan where such kind of examples of the worst inhuman attitude and behaviours is a routine matter no one dares to shed their tears on these issues. Slavery has been banned the world over but still in Pakistan human beings are made to be slaves for the shameful acts of the inhuman and brutal mafia in the country.

There is a worst form of slavery, having a stupid and so called spiritual myth to tell the people to get more commiseration and money in the name of these innocent people who have been paralyzed by this mafia through a brutal manner.

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