Monday, May 16, 2011

UK torture inquiry will ‘not cover US rendition’

Campaigners condemn decision not to include ‘murky’ issue of detainee transfers in investigation as ‘only doing half the job’

By Brian Brady, Whitehall Editor, The Independent, May 15, 2011

  Griffin: Said UK handed captives to US, knowing they would be mistreated

An inquiry into Britain’s involvement in torture during the “war on terror” will not investigate whether UK forces handed over suspects to be transported to other countries for interrogation by the Americans – despite David Cameron’s assurance that it would probe all aspects of the controversy.

The head of the Detainee Inquiry ordered by Mr Cameron has confirmed that he will not consider the issue of detainees transferred between forces fighting in Iraq and elsewhere, which has been identified by many critics as one of the murkiest elements of the “extraordinary rendition” saga.

Campaigners last night condemned the decision, which contradicts assurances made by the Prime Minister when he set up the inquiry last year.

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