Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Analysis: Why UN fears of torture in Afghan jails will change nothing

Angus Stickler,, Sep. 6, 2011

Source: The Bureau of Investigative Journalism

A BBC News report that a Nato-led mission in Afghanistan is considering suspending the transfer of detainees to Afghan jails following allegations of widespread torture is surprising. Not because of the revelations over the brutal treatment of prisoners, but that they are considering taking action at all.

Troop contributing countries have been handing over detainees to the Afghan authorities in the full knowledge they are at risk of torture for years. And it has continued unabated.

Only last year the US State Department Country Report, referenced torture and abuse methods, including but not limited to: ‘beating by stick, scorching bar, or iron bar; flogging by cable; battering by rod; electric shock; deprivation of sleep, water, and food; abusive language; sexual humiliation; and rape’.

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