Thursday, September 01, 2011

India: Parliament and the Anna Putsch

Much of the capitulation of the State to the Anna putsch is to be understood in terms of a recognition of the corporate power behind the  putsch

Badri Raina - Delhi, Hard News, Aug. 2011

It should be obvious by now that a majority of Dalit and Muslim organizations are opposed to the sort of denigration of parliament that seems inherent in the Anna putsch as it has developed over the last few days.  Add to that most Other Backward Classes as well whose leaderships may make opportunist statements but who also remain staunchly wedded to parliamentary supremacy against the claims of  “direct democracy” made by Anna’s well-endowed backers.

The social character of this polarization is of the highest significance, and must interest all those for whom Indian democracy is a work-in-progress towards the enhancement of equity and non-discriminatory justice.

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