Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Mubarak ‘farce’ trial stumbles

Outrage among Egypt victims’ families as witnesses say ousted dictator did not give shooting orders.

By Samer al-Atrush – CAIRO. Middle East Online, Sep. 6, 2011  
‘This is a joke’

Former president Hosni Mubarak’s trial resumed Monday with none of the witnesses implicating him for hundreds of deaths during Egypt’s revolution, sparking outrage among victims’ families.

The case against the ousted dictator and six of his security chiefs suffered another blow when it emerged that the prosecution’s main witness had been convicted of destroying a recording of police telephone conversations.

And two other police officers summoned to back the case that Mubarak and six security commanders ordered the shootings of anti-regime protesters during a revolt testified they had in fact been ordered to exercise “restraint”.

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