Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Occupied Palestine: A martyr’s funeral

Nigel O’Conner,  The Palestine Monitor, Sept. 26, 2011
A mourner at Issam Kamal Abed Odhe’s funeral. (Photo by Silvia Boarini)
KUSRA — Seven children no longer have a father and the Palestinian people have another martyr. Issam Kamel Abid Badran Odeh was shot in the neck and killed by Israeli soldiers, on Friday, in the latest clash in an ongoing conflict between the Israeli settlers of Esh Kadesh outpost and the Palestinian village of Kusra, near Nablus.

Kusra residents also claimed Israeli soldiers bound and blindfolded two children before letting settlers beat them and throw rocks at them. Another man was shot in the shoulder and the hip.

An official Israel Defence Forces’ statement described the events as involving “violent rioters” (Palestinians), incited during a “mutual rock hurling incident … between Israeli civilians and approximately 300 Palestinians.”

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