Saturday, September 24, 2011

Uri Avnery: Obama's Speech, Abu Mazen’s Gamble

By Uri Avnery,, Sept. 23, 2011 

OBAMA’S  WONDERFUL SPEECH. A beautiful speech.

The language expressive and elegant. The arguments clear and convincing. The delivery flawless.

A work of art. The art of hypocrisy. Almost every statement in the passage concerning the Israeli-Palestinian issue was a lie. A blatant lie: the speaker knew it was a lie, and so did the audience.

It was Obama at his best, Obama at his worst.

Being a moral person, he must have felt the urge to vomit. Being a pragmatic person, he knew that he had to do it, if he wanted to be re-elected.

In essence, he sold the fundamental national interests of the United States of America for the chance of a second term.

Not very nice, but that’s politics, OK?

 IT MAY be superfluous — almost insulting to the reader — to point out the mendacious details of this rhetorical edifice.
Obama treated the two sides as if they were equal in strength — Israelis and Palestinians, Palestinians and Israelis.

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