Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu Is Master of Deception

By Samuel Dowell, opednews.com, Oct 11, 2011

 Netanyahu, a master of deception, is using every gimmick possible to keep knowledge of Israel’s injustice towards the Palestinians from the American public. He says that Israel would like to be the first to recognize Palestine. His wish may come true and soon.
“I tend to believe things that a son says to his father in private. To this end, we should go back to 2009, to the words revealed by the father, Benzion Netanyahu, regarding the conduct of his son, Benjamin. With the consent of his son, the prime minister, the father gave an interview to Amit Segal on Channel 2 News, and this is what he said about the Bar-Ilan speech advocating the establishment of a Palestinian state: “He [the prime minister] doesn’t support it. He supports it under conditions that they [the Arabs] will never accept. That’s what I heard from him, not from myself. He proposed the conditions. They will never accept those conditions, not one of them,” said Netanyahu Sr.” [One of those conditions was acceptance of a "Jewish" State.] [1]

The Palestine Liberation Organization recognized the State of Israel as part of the Oslo Accords in 1993.  Recognition of a Jewish State is a new demand that did not come up during years of negotiations in the 1990s or in peace treaties reached with Egypt and Jordan.

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